Planting & Care Instructions

Upon Receiving:

When you receive the box with your new plant in it, you will want to remove it as soon as possible. Some dirt may have fallen out during shipping, DO NOT PANIC, your plant is fine. Plant immediately in cactus soil & succulent soil. Soil from chain stores require to be mixed with 50% perlite. For succulents don't mix, use straight!. Or you can purchase our premium cactus and succulent mix. Plant NO DEEPER than the plant was planted before. You should be able to see a dirt line or discoloration on the plant from where it was planted previously. Keep the cactus soil dry until rooted (Rooting may take 2-4 weeks). As for succulents, it is OK to begin watering upon receiving.


Let the plant dry out in between waters. Every third water we recommend you fertilize. We will use a fertilizer with nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, an even mix of each (i.e 10/10/10, 11/11/11, etc..). For larger plants you can use the granules but I recommend a water soluble form for smaller plants. Keep plants in very bright shade, Behind the Shade Line, until rooted. Full sun may die without roots.


If ever receive dehydrated plants, soak in water for 15min-1hour mixed with a lite insecticide, lite fungicide, and lite fertilizer. Some of the plants will be revived and you will not have a problem with bringing unwanted pests into your garden!

Planting in Pots:

Soils bought from large chain company's are a mix for a dry environment. Many people buy from these places and lose their plants because the soil doesn't drain enough or doesn't dry out. This is a major problem that our premium soil addresses. Mixing of 50% Perlite.

Planting in your landscape:

If you are planting in your landscape, you need to plant in a 80 mortar sand/20 mulch mix. You will want to mound this mix up on top of your existing soil as it will allow for good drainage. Drainage is a key in planting these plants in your landscape. Absolutely NO weed barrier on top of beds. We recommend lava gravel for your topping. The lava gravel tends to lock together well and helps keep the weeds out. A pre-emergence is great to prevent weeds! DO NOT use decomposed granite on your cactus beds, unless you wash the clay out. To much clay defeats the drainage.

Succulents most generally like more water than cacti. Some people think it is ok to mist the plant. This is not what you want to do. The misting can cause problems by browning the sides. When watering all plants, water the pot thoroughly and dry out before watering again. Don't let any plant sit in water!